Ghost In The Willow // Mixing the Wolf

Written by Hanna Branch


Ghost In The Willow // Mixing the Wolf

Arizona based indie folk rock artist Ghost In The Willow recently released a music video for their song “Mixing The Wolf” off their EP Missing Persons. The video was filmed by Jeff Niemoeller and assisted by Ryan Hale.

The music video for “Mixing The Wolf” is as simple as a music video can get, but in the best way possible as it relates to how many people listen to music during their day. The black and white video begins with the camera zoomed in on an old school CD player. A guy walks in, places a mug on top of the CD player, and puts the CD in. I find using a physical copy of the album along with an older version of a CD player has a certain nostalgic feel to it, which goes along perfectly with Ghost In The Willow's (AKA Gil Rodriguez's) lyrics like “Hands up on your chest, trusting in a sense / And we know, this is home.”

The video progresses as the camera zooms out to show more of the space that the CD player is on. The guy walks away, only to walk through the shot soon after with a vinyl record in hand. Later still, he takes a drink from the mug, and then continues walking. This sort of movement is what I think most people do while listening to music; they go about their normal lives, only now with background music.

With very little movement in the video, the listener is really forced to take notice of the song and lyrics. Other music videos can sometimes lose people with too much going on, so having a more laid back simple video is very refreshing. Towards the end, the guy sits down in front of the CD player and just listens for a few seconds, before picking up a guitar and playing along until the end. Again, this is what some people do while listening to music-- they find a song they like then learn to play that song.

“Mixing The Wolf” is overall relatable in sound, lyrics, and the music video. Listeners are able to take in the sound completely, without being distracted thanks to the simple layout of the video while finding aspects of the video that are relevant to their own lives. With lyrics like “Stolen moments in a headlight romance” and “Dreaming so tight / Reaching for right / Can’t find the way to make us stay,” Ghost In The Willow is sure to find a place in anyone’s music repertoire.

You can watch the video for "Mixing the Wolf" below and stay up to date with Ghost In The Willow on Facebook.