Gracie & the Valley // Serotonin

Written by Kayla Albee

Serotonin Single Art - Final.jpg

Gracie & the Valley // Serotonin

Release date: September 28, 2018

Following their early 2018 EP, Eye Spy, Gracie & the Valley are back with a new single titled “Serotonin.” Like a stroll through the sleepy summer morning in that quiet space between leaving the dreamworld and touching down to reality, “Serotonin” takes you on an intuitive journey of the inner-self.

Gracie & the Valley features lead vocalist and guitarist Grace Bates, guitarist Sam Ventura, bassist Steve Haan, pianist Joe Salem, and drummer Dan Kozlowski. The five piece are based out of the Nashville area and take their unique brand of soulful pop music to a new level on “Serotonin.” The single was recorded by Sam Ventura and mixed by Julia Cannon, who can be heard singing backup vocals.

Grace Bates has penned personable lyrics that read more like talking to a close friend than addressing a large audience time and time again. While “Serotonin” follows suit, a starker approach is taken. A central focus on “that serotonin high” encapsulates the highs and lows of both mental health and life as a whole.

Equating oneself to a deflated balloon may seem a bit cliche, but the sincerity of the comparison is unwavering. Soft, sentimental vocals are charged by emotionally raw inflections and boarded by gentle waves of light guitar and cascading drums that wrap you up in a comfortable cocoon and give a tangible aspect to the lyricism. The song itself swings between the highs and lows, following the lyrics as they progress. If you’re ready to do some soul searching, “Serotonin” is the song for you.

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