Hora Douse // Balloons

Written by Kayla Albee


Hora Douse

Single: Balloons

Release date: May 24, 2019

Label: Rose Coloured Records

Manchester based trio Hora Douse dropped a new single titled “Balloons” at the end of May. Initially, the track strays from the group’s usual hard hitting punk rock sound but finds its way back as the chorus hits. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a spin.

With simplistic lyrics, it may seem that Hora Douse are merely scratching the surface. However, it’s quite the contrary. They dive deep into unpleasant spiraling thoughts that know no bounds - isolation, worthlessness, and a general feeling of not fitting in spin around in a frenzy as “Balloons” reaches new heights, evolving from a simplistic opening to hard hitting bass lines courtesy of Jonny Russell and a driving drum beat from Reece Gibson that play off of Tom Lee’s delightfully candid vocals.

“Balloons” proves to be the most daring of all of Hora Douse’s previous releases. As the song itself says, it’s “a sad song to pass the time” but it’s also much more. Songs about feeling lonesome and hopeless connect people across the world, building a sense of community - it’s quite interesting how songs about being alone, in turn, bring people together. You can give it a listen for yourself down below!

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