Hora Douse // Bored

Written by Mackinna Heart

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Hora Douse

Single: Bored

Label: Rose Coloured Records / Beth Shalom Records (UK) / Nothing Feels Good Records (US)

Photo: Nick Zimmer Photography

A cacophony of sound and trippy angles, Hora Douse’s music video for “Bored” will leave you anything but, well...bored! Beginning with a blurry close up of the band members before focusing on the lead singer, Tom Lee, whose expressive demeanor is the main focus of the video, the band crashes through the song with an energy so palpable, you can feel it through the screen.

Intermittent quick snapshots of themselves laying on the floor are seeming their way of saying to just let them be, while jaunty riffs and fuzzed out vocals carry the two minute song all of the way to the end. This is a good one for all you punks out there needing a new jam.

An interesting aspect to note is that this video was filmed four years ago, but has only just been recently released, so while it's not brand new, it's new to us, and new to you! You can watch another new video from Hora Douse here for their latest single "Outgrow / Anything" which features guest vocals from Lucina of UK based band Kamikaze Girls, to see how their style has progressed over time.

This trio is based out of Manchester, UK and were in the US last year for FEST 16 (check out our artist feature on them here.) Hora Douse has played with bands such as Future Of The Left, Milk Teeth, and The Winter Passing. These guys are hard at work creating their follow up to Crash, and will be releasing more new music soon. In the meantime, they'll be playing shows around the UK this month, so keep an eye out for them if they’re in your neck of the woods.

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