LION // Oh No

Written by Kayla Albee


LION // Oh No

Video release date: September 7, 2018

Raspy and rich vocals fall over an edgy 70’s inspired rock and roll vibe on UK based LION’s debt self titled EP. While still new to the scene, LION (Beth Lowen) has opened for Isaac Gracie, Albert Hammond Jr, Girli, and The Vaccines. LION performed at SXSW this past March and performed a headlining show in London at Camden Assembly earlier this month.

The music video for the track “Oh No” off of her EP has an indisputable futuristic vibe to it. With red and blue tinted shots broken up by snippets of a fun night out at a party, LION can be seen looking mischievously into the camera while strumming a guitar.

The lyrics ring out loud and clear as the video has a simplistic theme that allows the listener to focus on the music rather than being distracted by an unrelated story line. The opening line alone sets the stage for the entire track— “I had a really good bad idea.” Super straightforward, and undeniably relatable. We’ve all been there.

As the chorus hits, the lines ”Oh no, I should have regrets but I don’t / Must have thrown away our halos / The devil on my shoulder wins” acknowledge the need to own the decisions you’ve made, while touching on the fact that, perhaps, these choices weren’t accidents at all. #NoRegrets, right?

With notable performances already under her belt, LION’s EP, paired with her music video, proves that LION is a powerhouse and she’s just getting started.

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