Mary Moore Digs Deep On New Single, "Map My Body"

Written by Kayla Albee


Mary Moore

Single: Map My Body

Release date: May 3, 2019

Following in the wake of 2018’s “The Sinner” and “Hesitant Kiss,” Mary Moore released her latest single, “Map My Body” on May 3rd. As with her previous music, Mary digs deep with candid introspection. “Map My Body” takes a different path in terms of delivery and is a delightfully imaginative song.

Overflowing with imagery and metaphors, nothing about “Map My Body” is repetitive. Each new line shows a deeper desire to know another, equating the touch of a lover to wildfire. Mary is both playful and fearless with her lyrics - the result is a direct, and descriptive take on exploring a new relationship.

Mary’s vocal delivery is bold and fearless, while on previous releases it seems that she may have been playing it safe. This change is welcomed and suits the lyrical content perfectly. You can listen to “Map My Body” below and share it with that special someone.

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