Nilka // Stand Still

Written by Kayla Albee


Nilka // Stand Still

Release date: August 10, 2018

Following the release of her 2017 EP The Escape and hot on the heals of last month's single "Sandcastle," Nilka's back at it with "Stand Still." This fiery + fierce dream pop single will be released this upcoming Friday. 

As with previous releases, Nilka's voice transcends the average mainstream pop pigeon hole and reaches new heights of energy and emotion. A futuristic back beat allows Nilka's lush vocals to spill over the pages and paint a picture for the listener -- inside out planets, swirling chemicals, and an overwhelming sense of breaking down self imposed barriers + reaching your fullest potential. 

The driving message of moving forward and that the way out is through gives "Stand Still" the potential to be an accountability booster that's so often needed, which has become a growing theme over the past few years. Rather than messages of "poor me" and "I can't," the tune has changed to "Watch me" and "I can." 

Since the single drops on Friday, you can check out Nilka's music video for last month's single "Sandcastle" below -- let the summer vibes roll in!

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