Panhandler // Church

Written by Hanna Branch


Panhandler // Church

Release date: July 24, 2018

Label: Trash Crusader / Whisk & Key Records

Sweden based emo/punk band, Panhandler, began releasing music back in 2014 with their two track demo, followed by a longer five track EP titled There Goes The Neighbourhood in 2016. This four piece, consisting of Simon, Carl, Sam, and Frida, recently put out their new single “Church” on July 24th.

Their single “Church” plays well into the emo genre with the grungy sound and woeful tone of the vocals. Guitars and drums take hold over the song, leaving the singer no choice but to shout the lyrics-- this makes it somewhat difficult to really understand his words at points. However, the lyrics are nicely written in context. “I won’t care about what I look like” shows good intentions and shares the typical “do what you want” attitude that's common within the genre.

“Church” sounds similar to Panhandler’s previously released song “Bad Days,” while varying slightly in the bridge. While the song might appeal to many, it runs the risk ofslipping through the cracks as it offers little in way of relatable lyrics.

If you're a fan of artists like The Smith Street Band and Jeff Rosenstock, you'll likely be fan from the first listen! If you're new to the scene, it may take a few listens to truly grow on you. Go ahead and give "Church" a spin for yourself! 

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