Premiere: Sun Brother // Afterglow

Written by Autumn Dawn


Sun Brother

Single: Afterglow

Release date: June 28, 2019

Nashville based indie-folk band Sun Brother will be releasing their new single “Afterglow” this Friday. Today, you can stream “Afterglow” through our exclusive premiere down below!

Following late 2018’s Meta Fascination, this light, upbeat track takes after its title with the tone that it sets. “Afterglow” sends listeners into a reminiscent mood with lyrics taking the form of a love lost, be it the closing of a chapter in terms of a relationship coming to an end or a major life change on a more personal level.

Whether you’re already a fan or a new listener, Sun Brother’s “Afterglow” is the perfect summer track for a drive with your friends or to reflect on when feeling introspective. The gentle melody combines perfectly with the thoughtful lyrics and vocalist Billy Toulson’s tranquil delivery while leaving room for individual interpretation.

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