Sophia Angeles // Interested

Written by Kayla Albee


Sophia Angeles // Interested

Release date: April 27, 2018

Singer-songwriter Sophia Angeles recently relocated to Nashville from Sedona to make a name for herself in Music City. With years of experience already under her belt, Sophia has performed at both public and private events, and plays piano and guitar in addition to being a lyricist.

Her new single, "Interested," was released on Friday, April 27 and delivers waves of chilled out bubblegum pop which carry Sophia's smooth vocals and confident lyrics. 

"Interested" tells the tale of the back-and-forth that's seemingly become the new norm in regards to pursuing any sort of romantic relationship. You know that one friend that keeps talking to the same person over and over again even though they know that it's a bad idea and they know that they're just going to get hurt? This track is exactly what they need to hear, and fast. 

With lyrics like "When I was interested / You started getting all distant" and "You're all talk, no action / Never gonna give me satisfaction / Just living for the chase," Sophia proves to be no nonsense when it comes to toying with her emotions, which is reflected in her lyrical maturity.

"Interested" conveys a similarly empowering message as Dua Lipa's "New Rules" and is a nice change of pace from the sea of misogynistic lyrics that so often riddle current top 40 tracks. 

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