The Modrn // Do Or Die

Written by Hanna Branch


The Modrn // Do Or Die

Released: August 24th, 2018

Jacksonville, FL natives Josh, Shafer, and Kyle, formerly known as Palm Trees and Power Lines, announced at the end of 2017 that their band name and overall sound would be changing. With no other information than just that, fans were left to wait, and their patience paid off. Now known as The Modrn, the three piece announced their return under the new band name on August 17th of 2018 and released their first single on August 24th.

“Do or Die," the first single from The Modrn, sounds both similar and different from songs released under the former band name. The song shares some of the same lyrical content as songs by Palm Trees and Power Lines but in a new and mature way. “Do or Die” differs from previous music mostly in sound. The Modrn decided to go with more of a pop and hip-hop sound rather than the pop-punk vibe of Palm Trees and Power Lines.

The band seems more confident in their musical capabilities, while also being physically older this time around. “Do or Die” would fit easily among some of the top songs being played on the radio at the moment. The song talks about the emotions that come with new relationships and how being with someone can feel scary yet exciting.

Lyrics such as “We had it all and it’s all or nothing / If you’re not here how will I survive?” and “If I lost you then I would lose it all,” describe the sort of vulnerability that accompanies falling for someone fast. Many of us may be able to relate to this is some way or another as we all have most likely felt this kind of way about another person. Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer and Walk The Moon are sure to fall in love with the song on the first listen, but everyone should give it a spin at least once.  

With previous fans already backing up and supporting The Modrn, the band have what it takes to make it big. They're learning what works for them and what sound and style they like. Armed with this knowledge, The Modrn are running straight ahead with more confidence in their music than before.

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