The Nectars // We Will Run

Written by Hanna Branch


The Nectars // We Will Run

The Nectars, a New Jersey based rock band, recently released the single “We Will Run” off of their debut album Sci-Fi Television and put out a music video for the song. The song itself screams "late night anthem" with its upbeat sound and smile inducing lyrics.

“We Will Run” begins with a lone guitar that quickly evolves into a full band experience. The vocalist, Jess, has a voice that works effortlessly with the band to tell a beautiful story of wanting to just run away, leaving everything else behind with no fear.

Lyrics such as “We made friends with the night / And the night took us in / Now there’s no turning back / Once it begins” start the song’s story in a nice way.  Then we get “We will run / Long after the city lights fall,” moving us right along into the main theme of getting away from current situations. The rest of the song continues with the overarching narrative of doing whatever necessary to an old life in favor of a new one, even if that means leaving others behind as well.

The video for “We Will Run” works hand in hand with the song itself while also being its own idea.  The simple and well shot video may not be what one might envision when giving the song a first listen, but it does a great job at telling the story regardless. Beginning with the band playing in a small room while lights change from reds to blues to greens, these scenes are cut with shots of the band members hanging out together outside of playing music, giving the video a sort of nostalgic, wild feel to it. We are able to see the members interacting both as friends and together as a single unit playing the song.

The Nectars are a band to really watch out for. They’ve already started out strong and are running headfirst into the music scene, picking up new fans along the way. Check out their music video below!

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