Young Rising Sons // SAD (Clap Your Hands)

Written by Hanna Branch


Young Rising Sons

Single: SAD (Clap Your Hands)

Release date: September 28th, 2018

Video release date: October 1st, 2018

Record label: Dirty Canvas Music

The last time we spoke to Young Rising Sons, they were at the end of touring with Magic Giant.  During the interview the band mentioned new songs would be coming “soon.” Well, soon has arrived! The band released two new singles, “SAD (Clap Your Hands)” and “Scatterbrain,” on September 28th and a music video for the former on October 1st.  Before the song’s release date, Young Rising Sons teased the new tracks by posting haunting photos of members adorned with smiley face masks, which also becomes the preface for the “SAD (Clap Your Hands)” music video.

“SAD (Clap Your Hands)” plays off of the childhood sing along “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” but with a slightly different message. Young Rising Sons are not afraid to sing about their feelings or insecurities and “SAD” is no different. The deep and real lyrics of the song works well with the pop and upbeat sound that you would expect from the band.

“SAD” describes how I think we all feel at times, and as the song goes on to say, that’s okay. The lyrics, “I washed my hair, I’m still a mess / I’m having troubled getting dressed / I still have memories to repress” are only a few lines into the song and already tell a descriptive story. They also represent how going through the motions of everyday life doesn’t always help with certain situations— it doesn’t make the bad thoughts go away. The song goes on to say, “If you’re sad, that’s okay / You can clap it all away” and “We’re all a little sad.” This inclusion speaks volumes in way of telling listeners that it’s okay to not be okay at times. These words paired with the dance-inducing beat and melodies would cheer up almost anyone and have them clapping along in no time.

When it comes to the music video for “SAD,” the visuals are simplistic but get the message across effectively. The video opens on the beach with the lead singer, Andy, laying in the sand, face up towards the camera. The scene opens up more, revealing the other two members, Steve and Julian, wearing smiley face masks. They hand a mask to Andy and the fun begins. More masks, smiley face balloons, and people simply smiling fill the video with bright yellow. Although the overall idea of the song and video is people putting on a “happy” face even though that’s not how they actually feel, you cannot help but smile yourself when introduced to the people who genuinely smile later in the video. Throughout the video, the band places the mysterious yellow smiley face balloons around town in public places. The feel of the video is fun but also carries a strong message.

Young Rising Sons are known for writing and performing songs about getting through tough times and reminding listeners they are not alone in any situation. “SAD (Clap Your Hands)” and “Scatterbrain” add to the bands ever growing list of fan favorites. I highly suggest giving “SAD” a listen for yourself, and even clap your hands along to the song if you feel like it!

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