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Fawkes & Hownd // Balancing Act

American/Canadian folk music serves as the base for Fawkes & Hownd’s debut EP, Balancing Act, that recently came out earlier this month. The duo is based in Nashville, although each member comes from a different home. Phöenix Lazare hails from Salt Springs Island, BC, while Justin Kelley grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With both places being small towns, this definitely shows through in each of their songs and in their overall sound.


Feature Friday: Ellie Hart of LEAD DIY

LEAD DIY stands for “lighting & epilepsy awareness development” and is an organization based out of New Jersey that works to educate both artists and venues on the harmful impact of strobe and flashing lights in order to create a safe environment for all show-goers.

I spoke with Ellie Hart about how LEAD came together, tips for approaching an artist / venue about the impact of intense flashing lights at shows, how to get involved with LEAD, and more.

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Living Proof Tour hits the House Of Blues

Selling out shows is no easy feat. Selling out the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida? It’s only possible if you have the right amount of loyal and intense fans plus an amazing lineup. This combination is how State Champs achieved a sold out show on March 14 during the Living Proof Tour at the iconic venue located in Disney Springs. Fans waited in line for hours before doors opened, which is something that the band is quite familiar with.

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Calpurnia’s Sold Out Show At Cannery Ballroom

Calpurnia performed to a sold out crowd at Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN earlier this month on March 2nd. While the band had originally been scheduled to play in Nashville on January 8th, the show had to be postponed due to vocalist / guitarist Finn Wolfhard becoming ill.

With that being said, the crowd was eager to see the show and there was a long line of fans outside the venue braving the cold in order to get a prime spot in this GA venue.

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Feature Friday: Sereena Shares How She Switched To Music Full Time

Nashville by way of Ohio artist Sereena shared with us how she made the transition from PR to doing music full time, how she unplugs from social media, local artists that inspire her, and more! Continue reading to check out our interview and to listen to her new single, “Vibes.”

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Daughters: Live at Mercy Lounge

Daughters triumphant return is something that has had us very excited for quite some time. The group’s latest album, You Won’t Get What You Want, has been in heavy rotation and turned this tour into one of our most anticipated shows of the year so far. After Blanck Mass had to drop off of the tour before it started, Daughters added Hide and Wolf Eyes to warm up the crowd for the night.

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Premiere: Katie Lyon // I Struck Gold

Today we have a special treat for you! We’re exclusively streaming “I Struck Gold,” the new single from singer-songwriter Katie Lyon. While the single will officially be released on February 12th, you can give it a listen in advance down below.

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Feature Friday: Networking Tips From Colleen Lippert of Anchor Publicity

We chatted with Colleen Lippert of Anchor Publicity in January, and we caught up with her again to talk about being a woman behind the scenes in the music industry! We talked with Colleen about powerful role models, tips for networking, and more! Check out our interview with Colleen down below to learn more about the driving force behind Anchor Publicity and how to get started with networking in your own city.

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Disturbed: Evolution in Nashville

Bridgestone Arena, located in downtown Nashville, is home to the Nashville Predators. When not hosting hockey games, the venue serves as the largest concert arena in the area. On February 16th, Disturbed and Three Days Grace performed at Bridgestone Arena as part of their Evolution Tour and rocked the house.