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Kid You Not // Album Review

North Florida punk rock quartet Kid You Not will be releasing a new album, Home Again, on October 12th through Deep Elm records. Home Again follows their 2017 release Never A Dull Movement and turns it up a notch in terms of driving hooks, catchy choruses, and surging rhythms.


Michael Morris // Album Review

Slow Loris, the debut release from Michael Morris, breathes in inspiration from classic gems like The Wall and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In turn, the album exudes a nod to the past while pushing forward and carving out space for a personalized eclectic endeavor.

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Live On The Green // Nashville, TN // Recap + Photos

Every year, Nashville based radio station Lightning 100 puts on Live On The Green, a free outdoor concert series that brings in some of the nation’s biggest acts. This year happened to be the 10th anniversary of the event and we were able to check out the final night of festivities.


The Modrn // Single Review

Jacksonville, FL natives Josh, Shafer, and Kyle, formerly known as Palm Trees and Power Lines, announced at the end of 2017 that their band name and overall sound would be changing. With no other information than just that, fans were left to wait, and their patience paid off. Now known as The Modrn, the three piece announced their return under the new band name on August 17th of 2018 and released their first single on August 24th.


Takers Leavers // Album Review

Southern California’s Takers Leavers have returned with their second release, Break & Bloom, which will be out everywhere tomorrow! The EP, which is a follow up to 2016’s Filthy Animals, features six tracks full of soaring choruses, well placed screams (the fastest track on the album "M.O.A.B." stands out here,) and tasteful breakdowns that will remind you more of early Saosin and Thrice than a beatdown band.


No/Hugs // Feature Friday

No/Hugs released a music video for their hard hitting single "Your Satisfaction Is Fake" on July 21, following the 2016 release of their first EP, In Between. This Boston based band consists of two core members, Narcissus A-Ngel on vocals and drummer Kat Dukeshire. Blending classic theater aspects with charismatic, powerhouse vocals and mature pop punk undertones with a dash of melodic riffs, No/Hugs recently performed at the Mansfield, MA Vans Warped tour and are gearing up for shows in September.


Appleby // Music Video

Chicago native and singer/songwriter, Appleby, began writing and recording music only a few years ago as a release for his emotions after the end of his tennis career. His soulful sound paired with sorrowful and sad lyrics have gained popularity with many, as they have been able to relate to him on several levels. Appleby released his album Happiness at the end of July which features "Young Love Lost" as the closing track. A music video to go along with the song was released in early July in anticipation of the album release.


The Faim // Album Review

Alternative rock pop four piece The Faim come to us from Perth in Western Australia. The band consists of Josh Raven on lead vocals, Michael Bono on lead guitar, bass, and vocals, Stephen Beerkens on bass and keyboard, and Sean Tighe on drums and percussion. Their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, was released today.


The Nectars // Music Video

The Nectars, a New Jersey based rock band, recently released the single “We Will Run” off of their debut album Sci-Fi Television and put out a music video for the song. The song itself screams "late night anthem" with its upbeat sound and smile inducing lyrics.